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Lee Markham

Content Specialist, Copywriter, & Editor



I am a writer who believes that all meaningful composition derives from experience. As such, I have devoted my life to understanding the strange, bewildering, difficult, and otherwise hidden. Whether I am writing in a professional, technical, or creative context, I will always bring a deeper level of understanding and meaning to what I compose.


My passions include topics such as ancient history, rural southern life, religious philosophy, and gender relations, all of which appear in my writing. 


Disclaimer: This site includes copywritten material of this author which should not be reprinted or repurposed without his direct consent. 


I am a National Silver Addy winning copywriter specializing in website content composition. 


Whether ten pages or 100 pages, I can develop and execute site architectures, weave brand strategy into headlines and body copy, draft SEO, and proof extensive amounts of copy to ensure grammatical and syntactical accuracy. 


I have experience in athletics, finance, fashion, transportation, manufacturing, health, education, gaming, automotive, and alcohol, producing both print and digital media for a wide variety of clients. 


Voice production and scriptwriting are additional interests of mine. I have personally written and produced dozens of radio and TV scripts, directing both English and Spanish voice talent.  


Contact me with the details of your project and I will create a detailed proposal complete with scheduling and pricing. 

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