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The texas prison rodeo:

The failure of a broken system

In this research paper, I review the foundation and history of the Texas Prison Rodeo. Moreover, I investigate the transgressions and mistakes made by the program's administration. I ultimately find that the Texas Prison Rodeo is another example of the failure of the Texas Prison System, utilizing archival research found at the Texas Collection at Baylor University. 

first and second maccabees:


Zealotry and exclusivism



In this research paper, I conduct an in-depth study of First and Second Maccabees within the Christian Apocrypha. I reveal the dangers of many of the tales and lessons therein while also stressing the importance of understanding these documents within the appropriate historical context. 


Freud on the uncanny in hoffman's "the sandman"





In this essay, I compare Sigmund Freud's and E.T.A Hoffman's understandings of the concept of "Das Unheimliche" or "The Uncanny." I believe that this essay embodies the manner in which literature informs social understanding. 

The courage to obey

In this essay, I utilize the works of Aristotle in order to prove that even misogynistic theories support the integration of women into the United States military. I wrote this essay in response to the Marine Corps' refusal to welcome women into their ranks. 

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