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This piece of creative nonfiction is composed of interviews I conducted with my grandfather and my father. I wanted to learn more about both of their childhoods and begin to understand how understandings of masculinity were introduced into their lives, as well as how I have been influenced by these two radically different men. 




As published in the Baylor Phoneix


A collection of personal experience, accumulated stories, and poetic license, this work explores the dichotomy of rural southern and metropolitan living. This piece also explores perceptions of mental illness within rural and urban environments. Having divided my life between metropolitan Dallas and a rural ranch in Duffau, I have always been interested in comparing these social settings.

The pepper knees




This is the prologue of the novel I have been drafting for several years. The work details the fall of a theocracy set in an alternate history. This work contains issues of religious philosophy, just war, psychiatric disorders, and ancient history. Furthermore, this work explores the spiritual and biblical consequences of the Apocrypha. 

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