Over two thousand years ago, the African Empire of Carthage was faced with a war on multiple fronts against its old enemy, the Roman Empire. One of the most skilled tacticians in history, Hannibal Barca, rose to lead the Carthaginians in what would become known as the Second Punic War. Hannibal made history by leading an army, complete with dozens of fully equipped war elephants, across the Alps into Italian territory, taking the Romans completely by surprise.


Although Hannibal and Carthage eventually lost the war, Hannibal will forever be remembered for the risk he took. Departing from Spain, before he scaled the Alps, the first mountain range he had to cross was the Pyrenees, a mountain range which separates the modern nations of Spain and France.


Pyre Creative Solutions did not just earn its name from my desire to spark life back into what I see as an increasingly stagnant world of advertising and marketing. Pyre also earned its name from the Pyrenees Mountain Range, the first challenge that Hannibal and his army faced before they made history.


Creative solutions are not easy. They might make you uncomfortable. You might think that they’re crazy. But history favors the bold. If you truly care about your brand, give it the chance to thrive. If you truly want to be recognized in our saturated marketplace, take a risk. It will take effort. It will take trust. But in the end, when you are brave enough to seek something beyond standard, you can attain superlative.


In the words of Hannibal Barca, if I cannot find a way, I will make one.


Let’s climb mountains. Together.


I can provide creative solutions for the following projects:


  • Brand Development

    • Taglines

    • Manifestos

    • Archetype Identification

  • Websites

    • SEO

    • Content Management

    • Composition 

  • Proofreading 

    • Editing/Proofing

  • Print Media

    • OOH

    • Posters

    • Flyers

    • Magazine/Newspaper Placements



Contact me with a description of your project and I will draft an estimate!


Using my network, I can also connect you with talented art directors who can create the perfect imagery to complement the copy I write for you! 



  • Digital Media

  • Audio/Video

    • Screenwriting

    • Scriptwriting

    • Radio Production

    • Voice Talent Direction​​​

  • Editorial

    • Articles

    • Blog posts

    • Reviews

    • Opinion Pieces

  • Research

  • Music

    • Stingers

    • Jingles